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Save Money - Save Time - Save Energy

Alta Enterprises is the only manufacturer of fully welded thermal pool covers.

Alta Enterprises fully welded, energy saving commercial pool covers are specifically designed for the harshest pool environments. Our unique 7-layer pool covers are completely mold and mildew resistant, UV protected, 3x stronger than other brands, and we've eliminated the number one failure point of pool covers on the market today through our unique welding process.

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Alta Enterprises Thermal Commercial Pool Cover and Automatic Reel Systems

Alta Enterprises has the only commercial automatic reel systems that offer one-touch functionality. 

Deploy your energy saving commercial pool cover in seconds with an Alta Enterprise Commercial Automatic Reel System.
The ease of a wireless remote allows the operator to deploy and retract the pool cover from anywhere in the room by pushing one button. 

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Automatic Reel Systems

Alta Enterprises will help you reduce your pools carbon footprint and save you money.

According to the US Department of Energy: “Covering a pool when not in use is the single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs. Savings of 50% to 70% are possible.” 

Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and stop unnecessary energy loss.

Energy Savings
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What people are saying about Alta Enterprises...

  • Tom Rackl, Sweet Home Schools

    "Before the covers were installed the chlorine use was excessive and the entire pool area had condensation running down the walls and windows. Now the Desert Aire unit runs efficiently, and the air temp is constant and very comfortable. The ease of use and dependability is awesome."

  • Mick Nelson, Total Aquatic Programming

    “When we built our first 6 lane 25-yard pool and 4 lane 20-yard pool indoors... our first water heating and water use bill for the month of November was over $5,000.  We invested in pool covers.  We used them every night.  Our water and heating bills never exceeded $1800 from that point on.”

  • Gerry Klocke, East Central High School

    "I can tell you that I am certain that there is a considerable change in air quality, a decrease in chemical use, and a considerable decrease in run time on the pool boiler as well as the air handler that serves the pool area [since using an Alta Pool Cover and Automatic Reel]."

  • Kent Harfst, Webster City Assistant City Manager

    "The pool has saved approximately $1,000 by using fewer chemicals due to less evaporation; there is no more “motel smell” from chlorine when you walk in the front door, and the equipment and ventilation system operates more efficiently due to the environment being less corrosive.”

10 Features & Benefits of Energy-Saving, Fully Welded Thermal Pool Covers & Automatic Reel Systems for Indoor Aquatic Facilities

  • Saves Money - On average the system pays for itself in 5 years; and, according to the US Department of Energy, "covering a pool = energy cost savings of 50% - 70%."
  • Energy Efficient Pool Covers - Single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs – US Department of Energy.
  • No Equal When It Comes To Ease of Use - One person can cover or uncover a 6-lane 25-yard pool in about a minute and a half.
  • No Lost Deck Space - The system is mounted high on the wall away from staff and swimmers.
  • Longest Track Record In The Industry - Over 30 years of experience manufacturing automatic pool cover systems.
  • Highest Quality Materials Used - Robust cover made of the highest quality materials on the market. Stainless steel construction, powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance. All electronics are in waterproof enclosures.
  • Best Warranty On The Market - Full 5-year warranty on covers and reels with extended warranties available, and a lifetime structural warranty on reels and brackets.
  • Longest Useful Life Of Any System - Covers last on average 10-13 years and electronics over 25 years.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Pool cover made of recyclable material.
  • Minimal Maintenance Needed - On average 3-5 man hours per year.
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Interested in how Alta can help reduce your carbon footprint and provide thousands of dollars in energy savings per year?

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